Twiggs & Berry

Twiggs & Berry are an adventurous duo that love to explore urban landscapes looking for the best places to eat, drink and have some fun. They then report their findings in a quarterly magazine of the same name.

This is the idea for a magazine that hasn’t quite been seen through to publication but if it did it would see my character designs run throughout with full page illustrations and spot illustrations of the duo taking the reader through some of the best reviews from their home city of Bristol and beyond.

Twigs is an old fashioned gent but knows how to have a good time in many of Bristol’s best speak easy style bars and fine dining restaurants but he does also like to think of himself as a bit of a ruffian and might on occasion be caught in the Thekla or down King Street. Berry is a little more down to earth and tries to keep Twiggs in check, making sure he doesn’t wander too off the beaten track.