Rainbow Farts

Unicorns have been trending for quite some time and it’s difficult not to love them. I definitely dig them and I also love a bright vibrant colour palette. I had to put my stamp on them in a rotund chubby sort of way.

Rainbow Farts is the latest in a series of illustrations based on my ejits characters. Ejits are all based on a circular shape so they all have a similar appearance but change depending on the type of animal I’m representing. Although the base shape doesn’t change the appendages I add make the characters come to life but also retain the brand look and feel.

This illustration was created using illustrator & Photoshop. I used Illustrator for the vector line work, painted watercolour for the colours and then composited the whole thing together in Photoshop to complete the piece.

I’ve also taken a selection of the character designs and made them into greetings cards and enamel pins. The illustration is available as A3, A4 and A5 prints and a repeat pattern created from the original illustration has been made into wrapping paper.