I’m Emily J. Taylor, a freelance Illustrator and character designer. My work includes children’s books, editorial illustration and advertising. I also work on projects creating plush toys based on my character designs.

The progeny of a musician/Anglican Reverend and a chemistry teacher, I grew up in a sleepy village just on the edge of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, England. I had a slow start to life, not being able to focus on much for long apart from making and drawing and day dreaming about dragons, monsters and ‘other’ lands. Under the influence of my parents and two older brothers I was brought up on a visual and literary diet of fantasy, sci-fi movies and cartoons and never quite grew out of loving it.

I studied animation at degree level because it combined a lot of my favourite things, it just turned out I didn’t have the patience for the actual act of animating. I love to illustrate and after a few wrong turns realised that is where my strength really lies.

I thrive on my imagination. It is where I find fun and freedom, exploring the worlds within my head, which are strange and unusual and yet familiar. Ideas are never short and sometimes feel like a never ending string of light bulbs blinking in the dark.

I find inspiration everywhere as any artist does, picking and choosing to suit my own enjoyment, style and aesthetic. I also have heroes that have influenced me greatly, to name a few illustrators such as Edward Gorey, Gris Grimly, Chris Riddell, Junko Mizuno and animators a such as Hayao Myazaki, Nick Park, Genndy Tartakovsky and Henry Selick is only touching the surface. Absorption is the key to regurgitating interesting ideas in your own voice so I keep an eye out for things that will stimulate my creativity at all times.

My current mission is to fill this portfolio with work, both personal projects and professional commissions, with a mind to generating more work and making illustration a bigger part of my life.

So if you like what you see please don’t hesitate to get in touch.