honey_mountian_tansyflum-1.jpg honey_mountian_tansy-4.jpg honey_mountian_plimm-1.jpg honey_mountian_sylphia-4.jpg honey_mountian_flum-2.jpg honey_mountian_plimm2-2.jpg honey_mountian_bees-1.jpg map-198x250mm-web.jpg

The Fairies of Mulberry Wood

When commissioned to illustrate a children’s adventure story I adopted the traditional technique of using pen and ink. I love the wobbly, scratchy aesthetic and although you can recreate that digitally there is something unpredictable about using ink. It gives the work a depth and quality that can be difficult to reproduce digitally.

Children’s book illustration is one area I’m really interested in. I can’t think of anything better than being involved in helping a great story and its characters come to life.

Materials: Indian ink