honey_mountian_tansyflum-1.jpg honey_mountian_tansy-4.jpg honey_mountian_plimm-1.jpg honey_mountian_sylphia-4.jpg honey_mountian_flum-2.jpg honey_mountian_plimm2-2.jpg honey_mountian_bees-1.jpg honey_mountian_chapters-2.jpg

The Fairies of Mulberry Wood

The fairies of Mulberry Wood are part of a project to illustrate a self published book written by my own mother, called Honey Mountain. I am currently designing and illustrating the cover but here have a few internal illustrations of the characters in the story that will hopefully adorn some of the chapter headings.

These three are called Tansy, Sylvia, Flum and Plimm and are the heroes of the book. The fairies of the book have a very important job to do, they look after the insect populations and ensure that they multiply and pollinate each year. When Tansy and Flum realise something is wrong, they start to investigate why the bees seem to be disappearing.

This is currently an on-going project so watch this space for more.

Materials: Indian ink